Residential Property

Karmaa Group Is Offering Remarkable Residential Property In Nasik

If you live in Nashik city or have plans to relocate there soon, you should consider buying a house. This is if you have the means to do so and would like to deal with real experts. Karmaa Group is our name and we have excellent residential flats in Nasik city to offer you. Our houses are designed for sale and they have all the amenities you could ever want. We have featured some of the buildings online, and we can provide a full brochure showing our products. If you are ready to buy a new house, ensure that you get in touch with us today. Our customer representative will explain everything to you and ensure that you start the purchase process of the flats you prefer.

We are trustworthy

Karmaa Group has been running for the last 12 years in Nasik area. We came here in 2005 and have never looked back. Every year we engage in projects that contribute to the development of this city. In total, we have more than forty years of experience and continue to grow every single day. We offer top quality residential development projects and are unsurpassed so far. If you want to buy genuine properties, talk to us today. Our land and buildings are all recognized by the authorities and have genuine titles.

We use modern construction and building techniques

So far we have completed a number of mega projects in Nashik area and we used contemporary building approaches. Our homes are modern, cheaper and eco-friendly. They have excellent finishing inside and outside and with features such as duplex penthouses, clubhouses, entrance lobby and landscaped gardens. Our club house consists of a permanent swimming pool and a functional gym. It has an elegant modern design too, and an inviting aesthetics. The penthouse has terraces with relaxation areas where owners can sit down and watch the surroundings. If you want a residential property in Nasik with a grand double heightened lobby, call us now. Our lobby is luxurious and its beauty speaks for itself. Our gardens are centerpieces by themselves. They are green, lush and beautiful. Hence, they naturally call your mind to rest and the best part is that we have created lounge areas within the gardens. Kids can also play safely on their own while you do one of your projects in the house.


We are close to social amenities

The main reason why we chose this city is that we saw its potential for growth. We were right after all, as the area has all the basic amenities. These include schools, places of worship, roads, electricity, health centers, shopping malls and related facilities. Thus, you will live comfortably if you choose to buy one of our elegant apartments for sale. We can offer you up to four-bedroom houses, if you want. In case you cannot afford our 4bhks for now, you can take a look at our 2-bedroom houses. They are so elegant and come with a large balcony. If you have money to spend, or a financial plan to purchase a new property, give us a call today.

Karmaa Galaxy

Buy 3BHK Apartments In Nasik For Spacious Living

Rental houses should not be your permanent way of life. Instead, you should gather some money to buy your own flat. It is now easier to buy a home within an apartment, thanks to the Karmaa Group. A realtor with decades of expertise in building and construction, Karmaa is trustworthy and the ultimate supplier of modern apartments. If you want to learn more about these properties, simply call or email us. Nashik is among the fastest growing cities in India and soon it will be a hub that will create a lot of employment opportunities.

Businesses are flourishing in the area too, explaining why the city could get busier and more populated in the coming years. As we are the best real estate company around, we provide different apartment options. For instance, we have elegant 3bhk apartments in Nasik area. We expect you to determine the number of bedrooms you want before contacting us. If you want to consult us, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Expertise

First, we build our houses professionally. In other words, we use highly educated experts to create our house plans and turn them into finished products. Our civil engineers have ample knowledge and experience and we are proud of them for making our company highly successful and likeable. Vinod Talwar is one of our best civil engineers and he began his career in the early 70s in Mumbai. Vinod was a site engineer for years and even made his own company.

His fame rose in the 90s when he received endless building and construction projects. We also have a civil engineer named Aditya Talwar. A professional who completed his professional studies in 2009, Talwar joined his family business where he gained lots of knowledge and skills. He is good at adopting modern technologies and construction techniques. Jitendra Talwar joined us in 2000 and obtained an invaluable skill set and knowledge.

As a result, he started his own J.C constructions and so far has the ability to control a workforce of more than fifty individuals. His most apparent contribution to the Karmaa Group is the Karmaa Galaxy. A Canadian Communications and Management graduate, Yash Talwar, is another crucial member of our group. He is the management guru behind the smooth running of the Karmaa Group’s affairs. We have obtained the most appropriate workforce, thanks to Yash Talwar’s excellent management knowhow.

Our strategic location

Nasik is a flourishing commercial and residential hub. Besides attracting professionals, the city attracts visitors from across Maharashtra. Real estate growth happens to be the main thing that lures these people, and most of them have become our loyal investors. Our 3bhk flats in Nasik are heavily demanded and it could be because they are more affordable and readily available. Besides, we have selected very serene locations with luxurious amenities. As the leading realtor in the region, we have become a household name that most investors are happy to be associated with. Our flats have aesthetic appeal and stylish architecture.

We also have a 2 bhk building and construction project going by the name Karmaa Galaxy. It consists of luxury houses that are built in a scenic area near River Godavari. These houses have a bedroom balcony from where you could capture the spectacular views of the area.