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Karmaa Group – One of leading real estate company in Nasik

Karmaa group is one of the leading real estate Company in Nasik that engaged in the construction of real estate project including residential & commercial properties. Our team of young, talented & skilled engineers, architects & other member devoted in learning & developing exclusive high quality building projects by using  advance technique, quality materials & innovative design . We develop & design many residential & commercial real estate projects with stamp of reliability & professional touch. We honor the emotion of customer while developing their dream home and enhance their level of standard.

Why we lead as real estate Company in Nasik:

  • Our honest business activity & transparent deal offer complete satisfaction to customers.
  • Believes in providing latest & modern amenities with better lifestyle.
  • Honor the emotion of customer while developing their dream home.
  • International high quality construction standard material has been used.
  • Most of our projects are nature friendly with luxury & near the beauty of Nashik.
  • We have team of talented architects, skilled interior designer & other professionals.
  • Well- organized resources & knowledgeable management team.
  • Capable to deliver the project as per schedule.
  • Work on faith, trust, reliability and satisfaction.

Karmaa group is the best real estate company in India that renowned for its quality project. We offer consistent level of quality and integrity to ever project we build. The quality of our Real estate projects in Nashik is translated into comfort, style & luxury, durability & reliability, safety & security, beauty & aesthetic.


Eco-friendly homes being successfully made by Karmaa Group

Homes offered by Karmaa Group are approved and accredited by CREDAI Maharashtra. When it comes to building economic homes and living up to the growing demands of environment friendly infrastructure, we lead the race. The new residential projects in Nashik have recently been introduced to the concept of eco-friendly homes. Without dampening the exhilaration of the prospective buyers who wish to invest in 3 BHK and 2 BHK flats in Nasik, we are equipped with the arsenal of eco-friendly technologies and are certainly an ideal choice for such homes. Many buyers bear the myth that green homes are not technologically sound and attract far lower prices than the conventional homes. Well, the fact is otherwise. The property rates of eco-friendly homes built by us attract higher appreciation than others.

Our new residential projects in Nashik offer healthy living space in both 2 BHK and 3 BHK flat options. The 3 BHK flats in Nashik feature studio-styled rooms with efficient ventilations systems with commendable electrical fixtures that save more energy and electricity with rated utilities. Whether it is a row house or a 2 BHK flat in Nashik, the benefit of having solar panels is highly desired. All residential flats in Nashik built by us promise high efficiency in terms of water conservation and recyclability.

Our 2 BHK flats in Nashik have energy efficient air conditioning features that show their benefits in the electricity bill. Maximizing the use of sunlight and rainwater, in addition to our regularized climate control using passive interior designing are some of the best features of our 3 BHK flats in Nashik. Our high-class living with cellulose wall installations and low pane, efficient windows ensure proper natural lighting and zero UV insulation.

So if you are looking for an eco-friendly yet stylish and beautiful abode for yourself, come, let us help you find one!

Karmaa Galaxy

Invest in the Upcoming Residential Projects in Nashik from Karmaa Group

Nashik is an ancient Indian city that is situated in the northwestern area of the renowned state of Maharashtra. It also covers the bank of the holy Godavari River. Famous as a pilgrimage center in Maharashtra and as a landing city for travelling to Shirdi, Nashik has been the choice of numerous local and international tourists every year. Everyone dreams of having a permanent residential plot/area here in Nashik. However, the growing real estate market easily filters out the one that has the financial power to purchase residential houses and flats here. The real estate market is now a booming sector in Nashik. If you are interested in buying a property in this city, consider this is the right place to invest.

It is also true that some areas have been designed beautifully to attract people to buy residential apartments, flats, and houses at an affordable price. However, the only way to get informed is through a renowned and trustworthy real estate agency. Some agencies are not registered so you need to be very careful on choosing professional real estate agencies. When it comes to the most trustworthy real estate agencies and firms, one would find several good real estate groups there in Nashik, India. Amongst these, Karmaa Group is considered as a veteran and leading real estate company, bagging plenty of excellent real estate projects.

It has focused on some new and upcoming residential projects in Nashik that will not only facilitate the people, who are willing to purchase property here, but will also provide employment facilities to many engineers, designers, and workers. Some upcoming projects in Nashik include the continuation of the Karmaa Galaxy project, Bedroom Hall and Kitchen flats project, and different second home projects. These projects will be given preference once the local development authority will approve them. The fact that numerous small and large residential projects are in line, is the reason why many house owners and property investors trust Karmaa Group.

Client feedbacks show the competence of a company. It is utmost important to check the client feedbacks of a company before choosing the company. Bagging impeccable client satisfaction record, Karmaa Group stands out in this aspect as well. Enthusiastic client feedbacks make it reliable, affordable and trusted real estate service. The company has proven its expertise by working on various real estate projects. Presently, Karmaa Group is working on various projects, and several upcoming projects too are planned on the rope by the company.

A no objection certificate or NOC in simple language will give a green signal to all these upcoming residential projects in Nashik. As a firm, Karmaa Group always works hard to give you consultation on how to purchase affordable residential houses within your budget. Therefore, this is one of the most appreciable features that separates the Karmaa group from other real estate agencies and firms. Moreover, it also includes it in the list of top real estate firms in India. If you are interested to know about the upcoming residential projects in Nashik, you can visit the official karmaa Group’s website to know about it in detail.


Get Your Own Fully Luxurious Flats with Karmaa Group

Time spent at home among your loved ones and family is to be cherished for lifetime. Thus, we usually aspire for such homes that provide premium lifestyle with finest living amenities that makes one live in complete comfort. Imagine yourself having coffee in your house balcony and enjoying the beautiful view of green boulevards. Imagine a grand double heighted lobby designed with elegance that offers an ideal buffer between the building and the rest of the world. Having Luxurious Flats in Nasik with vitrified tiles, gypsum finish on walls, sliding windows, veneer finish on main doors, high quality concealed wiring, provision for inverters, exhaust fans, concealed plumbing, branded fittings, designer bathroom tiles, parallel granite kitchen platform, provision for split AC installation, premium sanitary ware and well lit, numbered parking bays on two levels would be absolutely one’s dream home.

Similarly imagining a posh lifestyle to the considerable excellent lifestyle amenities adds to the credit. Taking a stroll in the landscaped garden or relaxing in the clubhouse or partying in the multipurpose function lawn brings smile when you think of any luxury. You can also avail top floors adorned with grand duplex penthouses, each with a lavish double heighted living room as their centre piece. To add to this each has multiple open terraces where one can enjoy great views of the city

With such imagination, Luxurious Flats in Nasik are now available with all these specifications; a dream house with the master bedroom and living room having attached balconies; An excellent connectivity along with all the convenience is another part that just pokes into your imagination.

This imagination is turned into reality with one of the most reputed groups, Karmaa residency in Nasik. Karmaa Residency not only offers a luxurious living space, but also a family oriented lifestyle. Individual alternating terraces for each flat will ensure that one can enjoy the scenery without compromising one’s own privacy.

Every aspect: from the fully equipped gym house, swimming pool to the landscape garden has a highly aesthetic modern look to its apartments. Also, one need not worry about security, as all flats have intercom connectivity and building lobby with 24 hours security. There are external amenities provided by this group including earthquake resistant RCC framed structure, Senior citizen areas, Advance firefighting system, and Rain water harvesting plant. It offers distinctly remarkable residential properties as compared to other Luxury Flats in Nasik

Unlike luxurious flats in Mumbai, these opulent properties in Nasik are available for potential customers at affordable costs, making residential choices feasible for common man of the society. Construction of luxurious apartments by Karmaa group maintains a balance between form and functionality with a strong emphasis laid on the principles of Vastu. For those with strong financial background and also for the middleclass man, Karmaa Group offers best of Luxury Flats in Nasik that combines the functionality and aesthetics conveniently.

Karmaa Building

Karmaa Group – providing best property investments opportunities in Nasik

Nashik has a foreseeable significance in every facet like Educational, Industrial, Mythological, and Historical. Nashik’s real estate market is put to growth in future because its close proximity to dream city Mumbai & educational city Pune and also the property rates are very attractive in comparison to Pune or Mumbai real estate market. Whether it is hotels, industries, farming or residents all are come under realty market. Such a city of holiness, fidelity and faith with good industrial & educational infrastructure is now blessed with extraordinary luxury by Karmaa Group – real estate Company in India that property for sale including 2 bhk, 2.5 bhk and 3 BHK lavish apartments and flats with luxurious lifestyle & comfort.

Investing in real estate market of Nashik with Karmaa Group proves to be best investment as Nashik is booming up now as an extension for Mumbai after Pune and also latest aspect mention below support the development of Nashik:

  • The expansion of Mumbai-Nashik-Dhule four lane of the existing NH-3
  • Wine Parks located at Nashik.
  • Forthcoming shipment airport at Ozar, 18 Km from Nashik.
  • Initiation of Mumbai Nashik flights.
  • Selection of Nashik as one of the urban growth centers by the central government

As a leading Real estate developers in Nashik, Karmaa Group provide best property investments opportunities in Nasik with its special property for sale offer i.e. at the time of booking you have to pay only 2.3 lacs for 2 bhk flat, 2.6 lacs for 2.5 bhk flat & 3.2 lacs for 3 bhk flat means you have to pay only 10% of your home or property at booking time and remaining balance will be paid at the time of possession. Vow isn’t it amazing.

So go ahead & book best selling flats from Karmaa Group and secure & save your present & future investments.

Karmaa Pinnacle

Get Family Oriented Lifestyle with Karmaa Residency

Karmaa Group promises to deliver quality, sustainability, durability and economy for both their residential and commercial development. They thrive to construct houses that meet your high expectation and yet are affordable. They believe that in the fierce and competitive world of real estate there is always something new, out of the box and unique to offer. Their objective is to come up with projects that not only offers luxurious space, but also offer family oriented lifestyles. Over the years Karmaa residence has designed and developed many excellent and outstanding residential projects in Nashik.

The Karmaa group of constructions had been constructing outclass residential and commercial projects in Mumbai for more than 40 years now. They have designed some of the most comfortable, affordable and luxurious residential houses. In 2005, they decided to make the people of Nashik acquainted with their vast technical and artistic background in the construction world. They came up with some of the most amazing residential projects in Nasik.

Karmaa Residency is located in a quickly developing part of Nasik and it is known to be among the most luxurious residential projects in Nashik. These properties are famous for their contemporary, yet comfortable lifestyles. Unlike the usual flats, Karmaa residency flats come with their own individual alternating verandas. Why are there individual alternating terraces, because Karmaa residency believes in privacy, they want you to enjoy the scenery without actually compromising your privacy.

Karmaa residency is a place where you can experience the prodigal lifestyle with your family and enjoy the peace and harmony that surrounds you. The stunning sculptured infrastructure with stylish and classy touch makes these apartments the best place to live in. The buildings offer all the state of the art facilities such as gym house, landscape gardens, swimming pool, internal roads, children’s play area, power backup and security. Every apartment is equipped with first-class facilities that add convenience and values to the affluent class.

Project Details:

The total area covered by Karmaa residency is 1.25 acres and there are 88 units in two buildings. It is located in a prime location and you can easily walk down to the beautiful and amazing Saj Palace hotel. You can select apartments, according to your need i.e. you can either opt for a two bedroom apartment or a three bedroom apartment.

Two bedroom apartment

The two bedroom apartment occupies the space of 1035 sqft. It comes with a living room, kitchen, 2 balconies and 2 toilets. The amenities include a washing machine, intercom and modular kitchen.

Three bedroom apartments

Three bedroom apartment covers up an area of 1320 sqft. It comes with a living room, kitchen, 2 balconies and three toilets. A washing machine, intercom and modular kitchen are included in the amenities.

Karmaa residency strongly believes that your home is a reflection of your personality; therefore they strive to make sure that their residential projects in Nasik are one of a kind. They try to build projects that offer you eco-friendly homes that you love living, while having a sense of community attached to them.

Karmaa One

Karmaa Group – One Of Leading Company To Support For Selling Commercial Project

Nasik is showing an increasingly cheerful industrial circumstance, with significant growth in IT and ITES industry. Infrastructure as well as connectivity Mumbai and other town is enhancing rapidly, providing credibility to real estate market in Nasik. This result the searches related to commercial projects in Nashik for sale. Investment in commercial projects entails a considerable investors and cash commitment typically deal with investment groups or partners to buy larger commercial projects. It is essential for investors to find the experienced real estate agents to attain a proper deal in commercial projects in Nasik for sale.

Here are some of the matrixes should consider when you plan to invest in the commercial projects in Nashik for sale:

First, match your commercial project interests with various areas matching your comfort. Investing in commercial projects entails wide range of awareness in an array of market classifications, counting small & large retail, rental properties, shopping centers, industrial structures and office buildings. Matching your interest in commercial projects with the targeted geographic areas developed for investment needs constant monitoring of investment and real estate markets. In case you feel comfortable with more than one commercial project investment choice, then research the best geographic region that suits your interests. You can do researches by reading reports regarding commercial real estates, attending professional seminars and interviewing other investors at professional meeting.

Try to build network with commercial investors and link finance partnerships. The main benefit of investment partnerships is cash reserves. In case, you won’t have enough amounts for commercial investment, but interested in purchasing commercial projects in Nashik for sale, then you can choose the option of adding partners to get sufficient fund for investment. You can reach the potential partners at professional conventions and at commercial project training sessions.

Find the licensed agent to get support in the deals related to commercial projects in Nasik for sale. A licensed agent can offer current trend of the real estate market. It is essential to choose the agents that are experienced in bargaining sales prices. They should assist you in understanding contract terms. A qualified real estate agent can provide special access to a real estate market. They can offer precious awareness for commercial project investors. The agents support you by researching ownership of current project, past and present loans as well as document comparable sales. If you are facing troubles in reaching the best agent to get the support in commercial projects in Nasik for sale, then Karma Group is the one you can consider. Karma group is the leading company to support you in buying and selling commercial projects. Are you interested in commercial projects in Nashik for sale, then feel free to long on the site, https://www.karmaagroup.com.