Reasons to Invest in Residential Projects

Reasons to Invest in Residential ProjectsReal estate is a whole new world in itself. What were once small villages have now grown to be towns and what were once towns have grown to be full-fledged cities with all amenities and comforts. In this fast-paced world, where several buildings are demolished and new ones are rebuilt, it is important to invest- for either self-occupation or just as an asset. While real estate is definitely not a cakewalk, everyone can certainly benefit from investing in a good property. Here are some reasons: 

  1. Price Appreciation: People invest in property in the hope that the prices of the property will go up in the future. And for the most part, it is true. Properties that are valued at around Rs. 25 lakhs today might be sold at or valued at around Rs. 50-80 Lakhs in a span of 5 years. So it is always good to have property because in case you decide on selling it later in the future, you are always going to get more than you actually invested.

  2. Tax Benefits: With property investments, you get many tax benefits too. If you take a home loan for a self-occupied property, then you are sure to get some tax deductions for the principal paid. Similarly, your tax will be deducted for interest payments.  But make sure not to base your decisions solely on tax advantages as the tax laws keep changing over time. To know more about tax laws, consult your tax advisor.
  3. A Physical Asset: Unlike stocks and shares, a property is a physical asset that you can touch and feel. So there is no space left for worry, and this might actually comfort you at times because you know where your property is and it won’t go anywhere, which is not the case with something like stocks and shares.

  4. A Rental Income Stream: If you decide not to self-occupy the property you have bought, then it can always be used as a stable source of income or rent for years together. When you buy a property, it is also important for you to assess the market to see if it will improve in the coming future and push your rental yields higher. Your rental income may not be great at first, but will always go up once you boost your yields. 

Other than the reasons mentioned above, investing in residential projects in Nashik would mean that you are leaving behind some kind of asset for the next generation. It could also be an option to add additional units or expand in the future or can be used to set up a home office of some sort. We could come up with more reasons as to why you should invest in property, but the fact remains that you will never regret once you invest in buying residential projects. 

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Buy Affordable and Comfortable 3 Bhk Flats For Sale

Are you planning to buy a home in Nashik? Then, your first job is to find the best real estate developers in the locality. There are many reliable real-estate developers who are planning new ventures in the heart of Nashik and surrounded with greenery on all sides. Though, you reside in close proximity to all amenities, but you feel peaceful and serene ambience in the society.

Buying a 3 bhk flats near Dwarka circle is the biggest financial decision in the lives of every individual. It is a big dream for every person to own a house that is with all comforts. There are many realtors who are giving wings to the dreams of the common man by helping them get flats in the best societies and sophisticated locality within their budget. To buy a home, there would be many monetary challenges faced by the person.

If you want to buy a home in 3 bhk flats in adgaon, you need to do an extensive research, since you are investing your hard earned money in the property. You cannot comprise on buying a property that is second hand or in the locality that is in godforsaken places. The real estate marking is booming in this place due to urbanization. There are many housing developments that are constructed in the surroundings of this city. As the real-estate prices in Maharashtra are sky rocketing, therefore investing in Nashik, Dwarka circle and Talki road at present is a wise decision, since the property prices would go beyond your budget in the near future as this place is going to be another IT hub. You need to invest in the housing societies that promote comfortable lifestyles and are in close proximity to bus stations and railway stations.

Few points to consider when buying a property include:

Choose the right area: The prices of 3 bhk in Nashik are soaring high day by day, but when you see the other areas in Nashik, you can find the properties within your budget. You should never late to grab the best property in your desired locality. You need to learn about the area and check whether it is convenient for your family and you to commute to the office. It is a smart decision to buy properties in the locality where the real-estate boom would touch skies in the coming few years. This helps you save money and have a property that when sold would give you a whopping amount of money.

Do not go overboard on budget: Though, the 3 bhk flats near takli road in your desired locality may seem to be enticing, but this may not be the same in the next few years. There are a few points that you need to take into consideration while buying the property. There include – neighborhood, surroundings, construction quality, reliability of the builder, previous projects and amenities. You should get all your doubts clarified by asking the builder multiple times without hesitation. Undoubtedly, being transparent is beneficial for both the buyer and seller.

Property size: The size of the property would differ for nuclear families, large families and bachelors. When you are rigorously looking to buy a property, you need to first determine the property size and budget. The size could range from 1BHK to 3 BHK flat. As property is the biggest and long-term investment, you should buy the property that would meet your growing family.

Look For These Common Amenities Before Purchasing A 2 BHK Flat


Are you planning to buy a 2 BHK apartment in Nashik? Do you know which amenities to look for before making the investment? Everyone dreams of settling in an opportunistic and bustling city like Nashik. A self-owned flat is deemed desirable as it gives the owner total control over the property. Nevertheless, one cannot buy an apartment without considering essential factors. This blog lists and discusses the common amenities that you should look for before purchasing a 2 BHK flat in Nasik. Continue reading “Look For These Common Amenities Before Purchasing A 2 BHK Flat”

Luxury Flats – An Ideal Investment Option

The smaller cities in Maharashtra are growing at a rapid rate. The standard of living in these areas has also increased to a considerable extent. The infrastructure in this city is continuously improving and provides lots of investment opportunities. The adequate supply of water and electricity along with lower environmental pollution makes Nashik one of the favourites of real estate property investors. The strategic location of the triangle and overall connectivity to Pune and Mumbai works in the favour of Nashik. Continue reading “Luxury Flats – An Ideal Investment Option”

Why investing in residential property is good investment for future

Making an investment in real estate often looked upon by many as an arduous task. As a result, many overlook it as a potential creator of wealth. The list of challenges like being able to find the right property, sizeable loans to finding genuine tenants is enough to cause people from backing off from investing in residential property. Yet, current trends in the real estate market show an entirely different story. With, residential properties providing more returns than commercial properties experts suggest that investing in residential properties seems to be the smart way to escalate one’s bank balance. Continue reading “Why investing in residential property is good investment for future”

Benefits of investing in residential property during development stage

Buying property in this day and age is definitely not an easy task. With all the options available to us, it only makes the search more difficult.  You may often wonder what to look for in an income producing property. It can be overwhelming for a first-time investor to look for a property that suits your needs and is within your planned budget.

So to make things to a little more stream-lined we will focus on one advantageous question. What are the benefits of investing in residential property in Nashik during its development stage?

  1. Seeing it real: Buying property has it is being built outs the buyer in an advantageous position as he/she can have the clearer picture of the property they are investing in- in terms of style of building and raw materials being used. This is because the content in mere brochures can be extremely misleading and false at times.
  2. Customizing property: When the buyer is looking to invest in a house, he can get a clearer picture of how the house is going to look and can comfortably ask for changes to its creation in factors like dimensions, sun facing alignment.
  3. Compare and contrast: Buildings in construction is a very convenient way of deciding which property to buy in comparison if you have more than just one choice. It helps you to weigh your options in aspects like location, worth of the prescribed cost quality of the building and type of labor involved.
  4. Payment is Flexible: Payment for a property under construction is very feasible as the money is asked to be paid in intervals making it easy for the buyer in many ways.
  5. Check its demand: When a building is developed, it creates a buzz as a lot of people come to visit the site, check locality and so on. This can help you decide what potential the building you are interested in, has among prospective buyers.
  6. More Affordable with Greater Returns: It becomes easier to afford a bigger property if it is under construction than a ready- to- move- in flat with the same budget as these properties and projects are generally sold at 30-40%. This is definitely profitable to you as when you plan to rent or sell it later, you will get back way more as returns than what you invested.

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Finding a best location is the top consideration for any real estate investment

Real Estate investment is a really pertinent factor in this day and age.  Now, with the plunge in costs of buying property and with several choices buying  good property has become a reachable reality.  But while properties are available there are several aspects involved in finding the perfect place.

One of the most important factors while buying a house is selecting the apt location that fits all your needs and that of your family. So this is where we can help you. Here are ten specifications that every new buyer should look out for while deciding a location while looking out for a new property.

  1. Transport Facilities:That is one of the most important amenities one has to look out for, while buying a new property. Bus stands and metro stations near your house are a big boon for any household.
  2. Office and Schools: If one has children in their homes, finding a property near good schools is very vital. It is always nice to have a school and office near home as it would reduce a lot of travel time and this way one can spend more time with family.
  3. Amenities:Having grocery stores, pharmacy, stationary shops and salons at an arm’s length is a blessing to ensure living at ease
  4. Crime Rate:It is very essential to check the safety of the locality before being a property. This includes safety within the property like good security system, and safety of the locality with one having a low crime rate.
  5. Hospital:Whether in times of emergency or not, one must always buy property near a good hospital. It adds to the sense of security that one may require.
  6. Neighbourhood:Living in a neighbourhood that is peaceful and with people you can interact and grow with essential for a wholesome living. So while buying property one must go around the neighbourhood, interact with people and get to know and understand if they would want to buy a property in an area of the kind of people that already reside there.
  7. Value of Property:While buying property it is important to understand the value of the property. For that one must check out the prices of rent in the area so that one gets a better understanding of the value of the property.

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Main factors that improved the demand for flats

The number of apartments and flats have only increased all over the country and particularly in urban and semi-urban areas like Nashik. Instead of building structures that require large land area, builders are now focusing on increasing the heights of buildings to cater to the large population that wish to take up flats. Moreover, apartments are now equipped with various facilities like gyms, swimming pools, on-campus doctors, backup generators, club houses and several others. But what exactly are reasons for this increase in the number of flats, especially 2 bhk in Nashik? These could be some of the reasons.

  1. Locality:Nashik has always been considered as a peaceful city. Although urbanization has taken over, it hasn’t risen to the level of metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi. All basic facilities are easily accessible in the city and this only inclines more people to move into the city and live there. This, in turn, increases the demand for flats in the city.
  2. Tourist attraction:Nashik has grown in size over the last several years and that has only attracted more and more tourists. Considered one of the best tourist attractions in Maharashtra and  also India, Nashik sees millions of tourists from all around the world every year. Therefore it is important for the housing facilities in the city to be in pristine condition and that could be one of the reasons why the demand for flats in the city have increased.
  3. Short wait time:Nashik isn’t too big a city and things can be done quickly. It is a developing city and the government is also looking to make it a smart city. Therefore the facilities to make sure the process of buying a flat has led to it becoming a lot easier. With such processes in busy cities like Mumbai and Delhi taking months together, Nashik provides people with a hassle-free option to buy a good flat with several facilities accessible.
  4. Latest facilities:Nashik, although an ancient town, is now becoming an upcoming smart city. The government has invested crores in its development and has made sure top notch facilities are available to the people. With hospitals using the latest technologies, seamless travel within the city and great connectivity to major cities like Mumbai and Nagpur, Nashik provides a very good option for people who are looking to keep away from the busy city life and move to a more quiet and peaceful environment

These could be some of the reasons why flats, and in particular 2 bhk flat in Nashik, have been increasing in demand over the last several years. We, at Karmaa Group are committed to providing flats with top facilities and amenities at competitive prices. The company understands the needs and wants of its customers and aims to satisfy all of them with flats with state of the art technology and classic finishes. Come on over and check out the apartments by the Karmaa Group and prepare to be amazed!

Make A Clever Investment In Residential Property Near Mumbai

People come to Mumbai with a lot of dreams and one of those is definitely high returns on their investment. Mumbai attracts investors especially real-estate investors from all over the country. The massive housing crisis in Mumbai has led to sky high real estate prices for even the smaller properties. Due to this affordability has become a major issue and returns on such high priced investments is not leading to good enough returns as people now look forward to developing places near Mumbai for new opportunities and housing.

Places near Mumbai like Nashik, are now attracting a lot of interest from both property developers and investors alike.

So let us take a look how to make a clever investment in residential property near Mumbai.

  1. Shift from expensive to budget segment:Market research conducted by Economic Times has showed that unlike the 2005-2008 era, people are now a lot more aware. They inspect the place, check credibility of the developer and also compare the different options based on price to size ratio. Also there has been a considerable shift in buyer interest from posh localities to affordable neighborhoods. Satellite towns like Nashik reap the benefits of good infrastructure and connectivity to the main city – Mumbai. Improving connectivity to the main city and becoming the choice of place for the people has brought down prices in the posh areas of Mumbai.
  2. Look for upcoming IT hubs and bridge/transport projects:Day by day Nashik is attracting the attention of several IT companies, be it domestic or international. IT employees like to stay near homes, so a lot of residential complexes catering to these people as well as commercial projects as well are being undertaken in the city.
  3. Shift from commercial to home property:Investment in commercial property has seen a dip in the last few years. Market research has shown that people are more interested in investing residential projects around Mumbai. Around 18% of the total housing launches in the Mumbai metropolitan region in 2017 were in Thane. Due to availability of huge parcels of land, the construction of both transport and communication facilities, Nashik is attracting a lot of attention from potential investors from all over the country. Some nearby satellite towns too has seen a rapid development in commercial as well as residential projects and has been attracting builders and investors for quite some time now and this number is only predicted to increase.

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