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Luxury Holiday Homes – Spend Summer Vacations With Your Loved Ones

If you are going on holiday for longer than a few days, your experience can be more enjoyable if you stay in a holiday home. You will have a comfortable place to rest after a day of swimming, sunbathing and seeing the sights among other activities. In addition, you will have your own place to cook and entertain in.

The other benefit of staying in a holiday home is the opportunity to prepare your own meals in a large, attractive kitchen. This is more cost effective than dining out in expensive restaurants. If you take holidays often, you can consider investing in a holiday home. There are many holiday homes near Mumbai and you only have to choose one that meets your needs and preferences.

Investing in any kind of real estate is a wise decision, especially if you will earn greater value in returns from the property over the years. Investing in real estate in a major city like Mumbai will prove to be beneficial as demand for property will continue growing with time. Mumbai is regarded as the financial capital of India and the Bollywood factor makes it even more appealing. It continues being one of the most populous cities in India. It is a dream city, which attracts both foreigners and Indian citizens.

Purchasing a weekend or holiday home in this city is therefore a good decision. You can even rent out the holiday home when you are not using it to earn additional income. Luxury holiday homes have all the important amenities in addition to luxurious elements of high extravagance. Some of these luxurious elements include a sauna, gourmet kitchen, spa, gym, home theater, party hall and sprawling gardens. These homes offer an extravagant environment where you can indulge in the finest comforts.

Finding a holiday home can be challenging because the prices of properties in Mumbai have skyrocketed. The high property values have made aspiring real estate investors to shift their focus on nearby areas. Therefore, if afford-ability is a major concern for you, it is better to search for weekend homes near Mumbai.

The other important aspect of buying real estate property is choosing the right developer. This can make a great difference in the quality of property you buy and the price among other things. One of the companies that are


Penthouses in Nashik: A World Away From the City’s Intensity

If you no longer want to stay in a typical home, you can choose to buy a penthouse. There is huge demand for penthouses in India due to the many benefits they offer. Many people are choosing to move from town houses to penthouses to reap the benefits of living way from the city’s intensity. Penthouses are located on the uppermost floor of a building and they are usually differentiated from other apartments by their luxurious features.

Penthouses gained prominence because of the demand for luxury living in urban areas. They are usually found in high rise buildings in the city center. These properties are also sought after because they are a status symbol.
One of the many perks of living in a penthouse is that you will have more privacy than any other apartment in the building. Penthouses are quieter and more exclusive. You will be elevated out of the crowds and away from most of the noise. The most popular penthouse apartments also have plenty of outdoor space with terraces, roof gardens, Jacuzzis and outdoor dining.

When you choose to live in a penthouse in Nashik, you will also enjoy having a lot of space. Penthouse apartments are typically the largest in a condominium. Some of them run over more than a single floor while others occupy the full space, which houses 2 or 3 apartments on the lower floors. Furthermore, the outdoor space of a penthouse is often much larger than a balcony. This makes penthouses great for living in style or for families.
When living in a penthouse apartment, you will have easy access to the city while enjoying a calm and quiet living space. If your life is hectic due to a demanding career, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get away from the stress as soon as you enter your penthouse.

If you love contemporary style, then a penthouse in Nashik is the appropriate place for you. A majority of penthouse apartments are relatively new in interior design and build. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy plenty of light, open plan living spaces and expansive views.

Living on the top floor of a high rise building is also luxurious. Penthouses usually have high-spec amenities, modern furnishings and extra features like gym and pool access as well as a lift. When living in a penthouse, you will also enjoy viewing the attractive and dramatic panorama of the city.

With all these benefits of living in a penthouse, it is hard to not take advantage of this opportunity. Karmaa Group can assist you to find the penthouse of your dreams. At Karmaa Group, we concentrate on high quality commercial and residential development. We have a vast creative and technical background in the construction space and have been involved in major development projects for more than forty years. Our expertise has enabled us to come up with a high quality residential development for people who are searching for homes in Nashik. This residential property is known as Karmaa Residency and is situated in a part of Nashik that is growing fast. It is among the premium residential properties in the city.

Karmaa Residency offers a luxurious living space and a lifestyle that is family oriented. There are individual alternating terraces from each flat. This property has eight penthouses, which offer an appealing view of the Nashik skyline. Each penthouse has a lavish double heighted living room as the center piece. In addition, each penthouse has several open terraces where you can enjoy great views of the city. Buying a penthouse at Karmaa Residency is therefore a great idea.

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Maximize Use Of Your Precious Money by Investing In Real Estate

Real estate is not merely about buying a house. While every investor ponders over the possibilities of making money in real estate, the domain holds all the opportunities for maximizing your precious invested money. It all depends on effective strategic planning and smart investment decisions made right on time. You can invest in real estate by buying hard assets in housing, investing in secondary properties, real estate partnerships, and real estate income trusts. The key to having a winning portfolio is not to possess more than 50% share in one asset type. Whenever you plan to invest in real estate, look for investment trends in the area of interest. Also, analyze other issues like possibility of job growth, rate of economic development, and GDP growth. Focussing on these issues help you analyze how they influence real estate prices in the area. Real estate income trusts are another mode for average investors to be familiar with the property market. REITs are associated with volatility of the stock market. While REITs are liquid assets they are subjected to equity market trends and interest rates. Even then REITs can trade above the actual value of the underlying property in case investors chase distribution. Alternatively, you can invest in real estate limited partnerships which are not tied to the public market and offer good returns. Whatever investment resource you choose, comprehend the essential facts, know who is involved, and understand where they are investing your money.

Irrespective of your speculation, there are primarily three ways by which you can make good money with real estate investments; which include:

  • An increase in the value of investment property
  • Rental income by leasing property to tenants
  • Indirect profits generated from various business activities relying on real estate

You may find various other direct and indirect modes to generate money from real estate but a majority of your passive income and fortunes come from these three investment methods. By learning how to leverage each of these methods, you can have better asset allocation with increased diversification and reduced risks.

Property values may not always increase, but investing in a booming real estate industry can promise good returns on investment. Various developers offer residential properties in India in different promising locations such as Nashik. These areas are witnessing a boom in the real estate industry over past few years with attractive cap rates and promising returns on investment. Various factors such as real estate saturation in nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune, economic development and industrial growth are playing a role in making Nashik a promising location to invest in real estate. You can easily buy an affordable residential property in India at developing locations like Nashik. Many real estate developers have upcoming residential projects in such areas to support the increasing requirement for housing facilities. If you are also looking for residential apartments in India, investing in a premium yet affordable residential properties such as Karmaa Residency in Nashik can be a good investment decision.

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RERA Registration: Vital Factor to Keep in Mind While Buying Property

With the Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) in place, investors should focus on reputed developers having established track record and sound financial status. RERA has been formulated to enhance transparency and introduce a systematic approach to investment in the real estate industry. From the buyers perspective, it ensures accountability, safeguards their interests, and assures timely completion of a real estate project. For the industry, it increases long-term credibility leading to increased foreign and domestic investments.

However, certain factors need to be kept in mind while buying property in developing cities like Nashik. Although RERA has shifted the power to the buyer’s side, they should select a property that best suits their requirements in terms of location, amenities, construction quality, and pricing. With RERA in place, buyers must keep following factors in mind before investing in a property:

1. Under RERA, all ongoing projects must be registered by the developers within a specified time period. After registration, all the project details must be uploaded on the RERA website to provide regular updates on the progress of construction. Hence, if you are a buyer planning to invest in a residential property, confirm its registration on RERA website.

2. Buyers must invest in projects by reputed builders only. Many reliable developers like the Karmaa Group are offering affordable residential properties in Nashik with all required amenities. Invest in their residential projects to get a luxurious Nashik property all within your budget.

3. Buyers must investigate the financial stability of the builder or developer as it defies their ability to successfully execute the project.

4. Buyers should note that the promoter is not offering any real estate project without registration on RERA website. Every advertisement or offer, by the promoter, needs to have a RERA registration number.

5. Ensure that the promoter has proper declaration about tentative project completion and legally valid documents for construction on the land under consideration.

6. Buyers must check that the affidavit bears a date of possession along with the rate of interest for default processing.

7. Buyers must check the approvals and licenses of the selected developers.

8. Buyers must understand the difference between carpet area and super built-up area under RERA. This ensures that they have a clear understanding of the requirements for carpet area that may help in making a sound purchase.

9. Buyers must know the overall total cost of a property apart from basic which includes hidden costs as well.

10. Buyers should know about different payment options such as flexible-payment plan, special down-payment plan, possession-linked plan, and construction-linked plan offered by the developers. Each plan has certain associated cost benefits. Many buyers favor booking projects that nearly meet their customized requirements at the lowest price. On the contrary, buyers can accrue maximum benefits by adopting a long-term perspective to property investment.

RERA has given an assurance of reliable property investment to the buyers. With RERA in place, real estate in Nashik is going to witness an all-time high with more buyers investing in developmental projects and residential properties.