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Investment in the sky: the pros and cons of penthouses

While considering a new property to buy, you might think of getting a penthouse. Movies have glamourized these apartments significantly. And there are plenty of reasons for it. Still, this property, like any other, has disadvantages too which you will discover here:


  • A prestigious experience

Many people aspire to own a penthouse. The top-floor apartments of most of the high-quality constructions carry a lot of prestige. Living on top of the entire building and enjoying all of the facilities in a calm environment is a situation, which attracts almost every person living in the apartments.

So when you make an investment of this sort, you get a feeling of success. You realize that you have bought something valuable and worth every penny. It is certainly a prestigious experience.

  • No disturbances

There will be no person living above you. Therefore, you will not have to face those overhead noises, which most of the people have to face. Apart from that, you will be living in a completely separate space of the building. The chances of some neighbour disturbing you will be negligible or nearly zero. You will be able to live peacefully in your own space without any difficulty. In most other kinds of apartments, people have to face much hassle in this regard.

  • More facilities

Most of the penthouses provide their residents with direct access elevators, outside space and a number of additional facilities. You will not get these facilities anywhere else on the building. The number of facilities differs according to the builders so you will have plenty of variety in this regard. And finding a penthouse in Nasik is not a hard task too. That is why penthouses are so prestigious and worth every penny of the investment.

Now that you have read the pros, you should also get to know the cons. They are few but they are still present:


  • Costly maintenance

When you will buy a penthouse in Nashik, you will have to spend significantly on its maintenance. A penthouse spans across the entire top floor of the apartment building so its size is always humongous. And because of a large size, it demands higher expenditure from the owner too. It is basically an affair of buying a valuable thing but it might bug some people.

  • Misleading purchases

As penthouses are extremely popular in the real estate market, many builders tend to sell their big apartments as penthouses. These misleading sellers deteriorate the market as their apartments are not of good quality. You would not want to face this situation. You should only buy a penthouse of a reputed company.

Conclusion : Penthouses are a major attraction of the urban real estate. With numerous facilities for the residents and an amazing scene outside, penthouses are clearly the royal section of Nashik’s real estate market. You might end up spending a little more on the maintenance but that is natural. Overall, it is a worthy investment.


Penthouses in Nashik: A World Away From the City’s Intensity

If you no longer want to stay in a typical home, you can choose to buy a penthouse. There is huge demand for penthouses in India due to the many benefits they offer. Many people are choosing to move from town houses to penthouses to reap the benefits of living way from the city’s intensity. Penthouses are located on the uppermost floor of a building and they are usually differentiated from other apartments by their luxurious features.

Penthouses gained prominence because of the demand for luxury living in urban areas. They are usually found in high rise buildings in the city center. These properties are also sought after because they are a status symbol.
One of the many perks of living in a penthouse is that you will have more privacy than any other apartment in the building. Penthouses are quieter and more exclusive. You will be elevated out of the crowds and away from most of the noise. The most popular penthouse apartments also have plenty of outdoor space with terraces, roof gardens, Jacuzzis and outdoor dining.

When you choose to live in a penthouse in Nashik, you will also enjoy having a lot of space. Penthouse apartments are typically the largest in a condominium. Some of them run over more than a single floor while others occupy the full space, which houses 2 or 3 apartments on the lower floors. Furthermore, the outdoor space of a penthouse is often much larger than a balcony. This makes penthouses great for living in style or for families.
When living in a penthouse apartment, you will have easy access to the city while enjoying a calm and quiet living space. If your life is hectic due to a demanding career, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get away from the stress as soon as you enter your penthouse.

If you love contemporary style, then a penthouse in Nashik is the appropriate place for you. A majority of penthouse apartments are relatively new in interior design and build. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy plenty of light, open plan living spaces and expansive views.

Living on the top floor of a high rise building is also luxurious. Penthouses usually have high-spec amenities, modern furnishings and extra features like gym and pool access as well as a lift. When living in a penthouse, you will also enjoy viewing the attractive and dramatic panorama of the city.

With all these benefits of living in a penthouse, it is hard to not take advantage of this opportunity. Karmaa Group can assist you to find the penthouse of your dreams. At Karmaa Group, we concentrate on high quality commercial and residential development. We have a vast creative and technical background in the construction space and have been involved in major development projects for more than forty years. Our expertise has enabled us to come up with a high quality residential development for people who are searching for homes in Nashik. This residential property is known as Karmaa Residency and is situated in a part of Nashik that is growing fast. It is among the premium residential properties in the city.

Karmaa Residency offers a luxurious living space and a lifestyle that is family oriented. There are individual alternating terraces from each flat. This property has eight penthouses, which offer an appealing view of the Nashik skyline. Each penthouse has a lavish double heighted living room as the center piece. In addition, each penthouse has several open terraces where you can enjoy great views of the city. Buying a penthouse at Karmaa Residency is therefore a great idea.