One stop solution for property investment in Nasik – Karmaa Group


Karmaa Group has built for itself an unshakable reputation for quality, efficiency, trust, meticulous planning, top quality amenities, superlative designs, timely completion, guaranteed possessions and timely handing over of projects. Karmaa Group holds a place amongst the most eminent real estate companies. We believe that our job is not just to build homes but also to build lifelong relationships.

Karmaa Group was started with a vision to help realize the dream where one doesn’t buy the walls, floor, ceiling but a house which will bring security, care, and love for all members who stay together. The vision was further expanded to fulfill commercial requirements too.

No project is executed without the help of the finest architects, designers and contractors, and the end result is always splendid. Delving deeper into intricacies of real estate, we understand the needs of our clientele and realize that city life can often become a burden.

Our homes are designed to interact with nature. Luxury is a priority and no compromises are made when it comes to the comfort of our valued customers.

At Karmaa Group, commercial spaces are executed with as much precision as our residential projects. Because of our obsession with realty, the end result is always a landmark planned with passion!

We first took an initiative to understand first the gap that exists in the real estate market mainly in relation with Nasik. Nasik is on a fast track of growth and there are investors who look forward to buy property in Nasik. The gap exists in terms of total support to clients where they feel it’s a safe and profitable investment.

Karmaa Group is a one stop solution for your requirement of residential and commercial properties in and around Nasik. Having developed landmark projects, Karmaa Group is now offering luxurious flats in Nasik. Owning a luxury flat in Nasik is no longer a dream now. We believe in encouraging quality lifestyle projects and aspire to fulfill your dreams by creating luxurious spaces for you!

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